Global Outlook

NearForm adopts a person-first approach to hiring. That means we hire the best people – it’s as simple as that. Our lucky HR team gets to pick the cream of the crop from around the world and has brought together a collection of dynamic and talented individuals we like to call ‘NearFormers’.

Team Works

Although we are widely dispersed, NearFormers are a tightly knit team. We trust one another and care about our colleagues. Building on our open source origins, we promote the sharing of thoughts, knowledge and ideas.

Always Learning

We take on exciting projects and like to push the boundaries. All NearFormers are encouraged and supported to explore and utilise emerging technologies.

  • Talent Attract Talent - Join the world's experts.

  • Work Remotely - Banish the office commute.

  • Flexibility - Create a schedule that suits you.

  • Open Source Ethos - Immerse yourself in the open source community.

  • Work/Life balance: we have a genuine dedication to work/life balance.

Our Team


  • Seamus D'arcy

    Software Developer



  • David Gonzalez

    Senior Engineer

    “ What I like most about NearForm is the flexibility on time and location to make the personal life totally compatible with the professional life but also the great level of support from the company for developing your career. ”